Your message, hand-delivered in Washington, DC

Stamps Licked helps you quickly create messages on progressive topics, which our partners at Herd on the Hill hand-deliver to your Senators' DC offices.

With the volume of communications that Congress is receiving in the Trump era, we help you break through the noise and get your message across as we talk directly with the staffers in congressional offices.

Read more about what we do in this New York Times profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?

Stamps Licked are progressive software developers in Seattle, and Herd on the Hill is a group of DC residents who advocate on Capitol Hill on behalf of fellow citizens outside DC.

Why are you called Stamps Licked?

We were inspired by the fourth episode of The West Wing, called "Five Votes Down." In that episode, the fictional President Bartlet is working to pass a gun control measure, and he is giving a speech to supporters. Bartlet quotes Harry Truman, saying "Why do you suppose it is that only sons-of-bitches know how to lick a stamp? The point is, friends, you've got to write the letter...You've got to contact your Congressional representative!"

Do letters and postcards work?

The Congress Foundation, a nonprofit that studies how to influence Congress, found that individual, physical letters from constituents are among the most effective way to influence representatives and senators. In their survey of Congressional staffers, 90% said that letters would influence an undecided member of Congress. Hand-delivery insures that it gets where it needs to go.

Congressional staffers tell us that members of Congress are highly impacted by your personal stories. So don't hesitate to upload a picture of you and your family, and explain how you will be affected by the issues that are important to you.

If I donate, what will you use my donation for?

Donations help cover our expenses. Expenses include costs associated with hand-delivery, including printing, and running our Web site, legally required reporting and accounting, and getting the word out. The more word-of-mouth buzz we have, the less expensive it is. Please share us with your friends, and if you can, please support us with your donation.

What do the messages look like?

Here is an example letter to a Senator:

My Senator or Representative already agrees with me. How do I send a message to another one?

Members of Congress are unfortunately only interested in hearing from their constituents. As such, we try to make the best use of our volunteers' time by providing hand delivery only for constituents.

How can I suggest more topics?

Tweet us @stampslicked

How else can I get involved?

Check out our friends at Herd on the Hill, and try out Eventshare which helps you share pictures of an event (e.g., a march) with everyone around you, even if you don't have their contact info. Tweet us @stampslicked and tell us about other services we should mention here.

Can I use this service on the Web site of my march or advocacy Web site?

Yes. Please email us at info@stampslicked.org.

Our story

The Stamps Licked developers have been friends in Seattle for many years, and worked together at several different small software companies. For years, we commiserated about the state of our politics. But when Trump was elected and we saw him try to ban immigrants, disrespect women, disrupt efforts to fight climate change and more, we decided we needed to act.

Since then we've been working nights and weekends to make this service.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between intentions of people who are supportive of progressive policies and the realization of progressive policies by providing these people with direct and innovative ways to influence political outcomes.

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